Not One Size Fits All - Discovering What Kind of Transformer You Are

Course Overview

With the right strategies put into place, any organization can transform from something static to something dynamic and innovative. But digital transformation is by no means a cookie cutter process.

In this course, we discuss the different approaches to digital transformation and show how – for some organizations – the best approach is to experiment by transforming discrete workflows and processes.

We also delve into more radical transformations and show how some organizations have transformed their entire business in short order.

Finally, recognizing that every organization needs to think about digital transformation, we look at how existing businesses can start to think about a realistic transformation within their existing context.

in this course
Course IV Whitepaper
How to identify the unique starting point for your company’s digital transformation
Critical success factors when implementing design thinking
Transforming business vs. transforming discrete processes within a business
The tiers of transformation